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About Krishna is dedicated to preserving Shree Krishna’s identity and knowledge as directed by the holy scriptures of Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism). We believe that any religious philosophy not supported and documented in Sanatan Dharma in relation to Sanatan Dharma (also know as Hinduism) that are being preached to the mass is leading the world in the wrong direction. In the present time, there are many organizations, religious movements and Sampradaya (organization) profit and non-profit that has made Sanatan Dharma a tool to propagate their selfish propaganda for name, fame, money and economical gains at the cost of true knowledge and spiritual awareness.

About Krishna will do everything in it power and authority to only publish document, images, presentation, and other multimedia mediums that are reveling truth of Sanatan Dharma and supported by the scriptures. We consider Four Vedas, Shree Ramayan, Shree Bhagavatam, Shree Bhagavat Gita, Shree Mahabharat, and Upanishads as the principal doctrine, which is the base of Sanatan Dharma.

We affiliate with no organization that stands for hatred and violence in the name of God. About Krishna believes that all roads of faith lead to Supreme Godhead and peace if practiced by understanding rather than ego. We welcome all views from any religion regarding any topic to be discussed in open form meeting to gain insight in to true spiritual meaning regarding that topic. About Krishna organization believes that there is no man or women alive that can judge one and another for we are all searching for the truth, and it is only the Supreme Godhead that can judge us on our ways of actions and inactions.

About Krishna does not accept any donation or money from any organization; however, if you wish to help in the effort of preserving Sanatan Dharma then you are welcomed to submit your article related to the subject matter. Please make sure that your article related to the subject matter are supported by scriptures and are not just your opinion. After review of your article, if About Krishna believes that the document is just and has support of principal doctrine than it will posted in the document section of About Krishna.
Meet The 3 Purush
(3 Big Bosses of Sanatan Dharma)
Aksharaitita Parbrahma Krishna
(Param Keval Gyana)
Aksharatit Bhram is the omnipotent and all powerfull Supreme Personality of Godhead Shree Krishna himself. He is the giver of consciousness to Akshar and Kshar Bhram. He is the final source of energy and lord of all. Beyond him there is no other being. He resides in his Supreme Abode Param Dham with Radha Rani and his personal associates. One can only go to Param Dham by devotional service to Supreme Personality of Godhead Shree Krishna. Once gone to Param Dham one does not come back to the material or spiritual worlds, it is the final abode of all.
Akshar Bhram
(Keval Gyana)
Akshar Bhram is in charge of creating, maintaining, and dissolving countless perishable universes (material world) and non perishable universe (spiritual world). Akshar Bhram by power vested in him by Aksharatit Bhram can create, sustain, and dissolve countless universes by his will. Akshar Bhram is the aspect of non-perishable creation.
Kshar Bhram
(Bhram Gyana)
Kshar Bhram is also called Shree Narayan. Kshar Bhram in charge of the material perishable worlds which composes of all things conscious and unconscious in 7 heavens, 7 hells, and eight coverings. Kshar Bhram power is vested in him by Akshar Bhram. Kshar Bhram is the aspect of perishable creation and he is in charge of creating, maintaining, and dissolving countless perishable universes (material world).